LNA aka Le Dib & Anna Chase was a nice treat for us! Anna was born in Denver, Colorado but raised in Asuncion, Paraguay. She  found her way into show business young. Started as a model at age fourteen, being part of several national and international fashion productions. The cool thing about Anna is that she sounds as good as she looks. She can rock a simple 3 chord acoustic song with her sweet sincere vocals and catchy lyrics. To contrast, the  fun girl next door pop stylings is the other half of LNA Le Dib. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. This suave Guitar player, songwriter and producer adds a latin and manly flavor to the musical Ying Yang.
He attended Souza Lima/Berkley College of Music for a year then moved to Anhembi Morumbi where he graduated as a music producer two years later. Now he lives in Los Angeles where he is improving his technics at LACM (Los Angeles College of Music) and works on the Californian pop duo LNA with the lovely Anna Chase.

Our favorite song of theirs is: “That’s What Happens” which speaks about how she doesn’t waste time in heartbreak, flips her frown upside down and gets back to seeing the good in life again. Since most love lost songs tend to focus on the pain of losing someone and the self-fulfilling downward spiral of wallow like Sinead’s heartbreak soundtrack of the 90s, “Nothing compares to you“. LNA is refreshing and frankly better advice for the love sick. We love Anna’s simple raw voice and cute smile, it goes well with the darkly handsome guitar player Le Dib. Check out their Youtube vid above and see what we mean!