It’s the end of summer. We can all feel it, but that doesn’t mean the fun lets up for the City of Festivals. This weekend, discover the third edition of Ancient Future Festival at the Quai d’Horlage in Montreal’s Old Port.

Backflips, Burlesque and Underground House? Ancient Future is my kind of party.

Ancient Future

The name itself speaks of the concept behind this festival.

Featuring a multidisciplinary blend of electronic music new and old complemented by visual arts presentations and circus acts, this is an all day party you don’t want to miss.

The experienced and artsy team behind La Bacchanale and Boombox project have imagined a Utopian like environment in Montreal’s Old Port where Festival goers can experience a plethora of artistic displays along with Internationally recognized DJ,s and local acts.

Ancient Future

This Festival is an easy way to get a glimpse of the underground nightlife that has always been at work in Montreal. With old school acts such as Etienne de Crecy right after the new age booming sound of Hudson Mohawke the name Ancient Future seems perfectly suiting.

The festival organizers at Ancient Future strongly promote sustainable practices to reduce their impact on the environment and encourages festival goers to do the same.

Ancient Future

Ancient Future Festival will draw all its energy from a 100% hydroelectric production source, without needing the use of generators. They will also be providing re-usable eco cups with a refundable deposit as well as selective sorting bins (recycling, composting, waste).

More and more it’s being proven that partying respectfully and responsibly can lead to the most beautiful spaces for open expression.

You can grab a weekend pass for just $85. Day and night passes are also available for the day.

Leave no trace and party safe!