If you’re reading this at work, you already know how important broadband is for business (also, get back to work, you slacker). As more businesses move to cloud-based storage and data transfer requirements increase, some Canadian telecoms just won’t cut it. Even some major providers remain stingy with transfer rates, or offer unreasonable caps – 150 gigabytes per month is still common – that would hobble any cloud-based business.

This is where Allstream comes in. Allstream offers a competitive high-speed business package from $59.99 per month, with unlimited use and up to 50MBPS. Compare this to Rogers’ most similar offering: $79.99 per month, with a 30MBPS speed cap. Highway robbery, isn’t it?

Allstream could be compared to TekSavvy, the Canadian ‘grassroots’ telecom whose unlimited bandwidth caps and cut-rate pricing has earned the love of consumers and scorn from the Big Three telecartel. Allstream’s model is business-exclusive, whereas TekSavvy is a hit with homes, but their business models are similar, and very simple: Undercut the Rogers/Telus/Bell mafia by offering a better product.

The model works. By their own estimation, Allstream counts more than 65,000 businesses among its national customer base, including financial services, airlines, consumer goods and government services. In many cases, Allstream courted these large entities with high-performance fiber packages, featuring major perks including 100% guaranteed uptime and full DDoS attack prevention. (These packages can be pricy, but if you’re transferring data at a big company’s volume and have a thought for your data security, $399 per month is nothing. Just ask your IT department.)

Allstream is still a growing company, having recently opened a brand-new data center in Manitoba that meets the prestigious Uptime Institute’s Tier III qualifications– meaning as close to 100% uptime as technology will allow, and catapulting Allstream into the major leagues for speed and service.

For businesses interested in supporting sustainable companies, Allstream has a pretty sterling record – in 2007 they hit the top telecom spot on the Jantzi Social Index, a stock market analytics system which ranks socially and environmentally responsible, charitable companies. Allstream has also racked up plenty of awards for good corporate governance and employment, even from third-parties like the Canadian Women in Communications organization, all adding up to a Canadian company worth supporting.

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