The music industry –if it even exists- is a weird, sticky thing now, and the gap between video game soundtrack, free download and bona fide musical artifact is weakening, perhaps gone. Sometimes when I’m watching a bad science fiction movie or listening to the background music when Rick is playing video games I wonder to myself whether there’s any fundamental difference between the unrecognized peons who created those disposable, formulaic game melodies and the “real” artists who make timeless albums and are idolized, appear on the radio and win awards.

Enter Aiur: two monosyllabically inclined young men from New York, Tim Smith and Dan Ray, who create blatantly Daft Punk-inspired house music on their eighteen-track new album Equilibrium. Derivative, flimsy and undernourished, this is what insipid dance music would have sounded like in the 90s if major label electronic acts –and there were only a handful of them at the time –had had access to today’s shittiest portable technology. Aiur is to house music what Skrilla and brostep are to the dubstep genre that birthed them: imitative fare where distorted midrange melodies overcompensate for the lack of low-end Oomph. Roland? Yamaha? Out the window! The dynamic duo show you how to replace that cumbersome (and expensive) equipment with one simple sound emulation program that runs on your laptop and uses your built-in soundcard. Studio monitors? Who needs them, they pick up too much bass anyhow.

Maybe in a future dystopia there will be no perceivable difference between bad video game music and the absolute best dance music, but I’ll be dead by then.   STEVE LALLA

Listen to the single and watch the video for the single “Surpr!se” from the Aiur album Equilibrium HERE:

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Artist:   Aiur

Title:     Equilibrium

Label:    Record Union

Reviewed by: Steve Lalla