I recently dug deep with the truly genuine and admirable Misstress Barbara, an internationally renowned electronic artist, DJ and Producer, who has performed at the world’s top clubs and worked alongside music heavyweights such as Bjork, The Prodigy, Tiesto, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and John Digweed just to name a few. She will be performing at AIM on Friday, July 15th.

1. In your career as an electronic music producer/dj did you have other names before you coined Misstress Barbara?

At first my DJ name was just Barbara. Maybe since there were very few women DJs back then, people would call me Miss Barbara or Lady Barbara. It drove me nuts as I was like “where do you see Miss or Lady in front of my name?”. So I thought if I did put something in front of it, then people would just respect it. When a fan approached me in a club during one of my sets and told me I was like a mistress since I literally had the whole crowd in my hands and I did what I wanted with them, I decided to use it but since I’m not the S&M type, I decided to add one more S and make it Misstress, to do a play on words between Miss and Stress, which reflects well the type of energetic person I am. 

2. You’ve always been a busy body producing music, touring, and lately an endorsement with Porsche. What are some of the things you do in life to stay grounded and chill?

Great question 😉 I play lots of tennis, I sail boats, I ride motorbikes, I enjoy cooking and drinking red wine while listening to jazz music. I also like the simple pleasure of surrounding myself with the people I love, and enjoying deep conversations on life and what not. 

3. So what’s on your current playlist and music genre you appreciate listening to?

I could listen to Jazz all day long. I like 80’s music, disco, Motown, pop… I like a lot of types of music but jazz music just has this special power of instantly making me feel happy and 
forget any stress and anxiety I could be feeling. 

4. The music industry as you know, can be one of the most unprofessional/professional places. What’s the most unprofessional thing that has ever happened at one of your shows?

J’en ai vu de toutes les couleurs! Pushed by security guards, bumped off the stage, unpaid more than once, forgotten in airports in scary countries of South America, harassed, the list goes on… It’s not all glam as one would think! On a side note I’m doing less touring now and more production, as lately it was getting in the way of my happiness. The lifestyle is lonely, tiring and cuts into your personal life and interests. 

5. AIM – Art/Innovation/Movement focuses on live performance, interactive multimedia art, sound and digital technologies. Are you planning anything special?

Expect me to play a f**kin groovy set. No bells and whistles. I like technology but I experiment with it mostly in studio. Evolution in technology for me is all about studio gear, and try to push a sound. When I’m Djing I like to keep things raw, back to basics. Listen up for a plethora of new tracks I’ve been working on!

Misstress’s latest releases include a kombination Research track (May 2016) as well as on Tronic (June 2016), and an Intec release this coming September.

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