We’ve been working, playing with EMPIRE ISIS since we met her a few years back and she’s become a good friend of ours in the process. Whether we are just chilling at her place listening to some draft 1 lyrics or out on the town with her and her crew, it’s always a fun night. Singer, political activist and a true citizen of the world Miriame Moufide knows 7 languages and lives in 4 different countries. YES lives, meaning she doesn’t book a vacation and come back she has a whole group of places and faces in Montreal, Brooklyn, Jamaica and Rio. She spends a good deal of time in Montreal where she has a condo/office on the edge of trendy Griffintown/Downtown. Recently she decided she wanted to spend more time directly with the producers and other artists in dance hall and reggae so she decided to take a few months off to spend time with her main producer KOVAS (NYC/L.A) and then go back after a few years to possibly her favorite place in the world – Jamaica. Her INSTAGRAM (empireisis) is overflowing with wild orchids, hot tubs with a view & nightlife fun, so check it out!  She is in Kingston, Jamaica which for a tall blonde bombshell may seem like a dangerous city, but not for this gangstress. She is having such a good time in fact, she changed her plane ticket to extend her tropical work/play stay. LIKE her? EMPIRE ISIS FB PAGE

“When you have travelled as much as I have, you learn how to move away from trouble and bad situations. A lot of people do not realize how important your own energy is. Are you putting out fear or fierce?”

That and knowing the right people she said, has kept her safe on her travels. Recently, she had the pleasure of playing Agent ISIS in a brand new Elephant Man video. It’s a fun video where she plays an agent who has been kidnapped then rescued. Check it out below: 

Wi bad Wi bad!

And now for the real nana power!