In 2005, I decided to follow one of my greatest passions and open a yoga studio in Montréal. I was riding high until the economy took a down turn and I closed the space one year later. Like the “tower” card in tarot, my dream crumbled around me; but, from within this desolate landscape I began to see the potential for something brighter that lay beyond the horizon.

The title track on Adrian Krygowski’s recently released, self-recorded album Roam was written during a similarly bleak period in his life when he was working in Buffalo as a scab for their striking union members. The song tells a story of office violence, unfair firings, police corruption and a feeling of oppression made bearable only by the hope for something better. Roam is the silver lining in trying situations and this makes the title track, and the entire album, so powerful and relatable. Krygowski succeeds in taking a personal story and making it universal, and this reflects his tremendous folk writing and performance abilities.

Aggressive Soul-Folk – Country Noir is Krygowski’s signature style, and one that has garnered media attention and attracted a dedicated fan base. He tours extensively either solo or with his band, boasting sold out shows in rock clubs, listening rooms, concert houses, coffee shops and festivals, and his momentum shows no sign of slowing down. Adrian Krygowski is certainly one to watch…

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