Adhesive is on tour once again!

Sweden, known for, among other things, Ikea, wilderness, snow and music. Great Music. FUCKING AWESOME MUSIC. Sweden as always been a hotbed for fantastic rock music. More specifically in the realm of Hardcore, Punk Rock, Metal and Garage rock.

Adhesive might not be a household name when it comes to artists and bands that came out of Sweden; if Millencolin, The Hives, Entombed, Refused, The Hellacopters & Cult Of Luna all come to mind first for a lot of folks, it’s mostly down to the bigger exposure from which those bands benefitted on this side of the Atlantic. Many bands, however, have left a immense mark on the underground. Breach & Disfear come to mind, so is Katrineholm natives Adhesive, consisting of Mathias Andersson, Micke Fritz, Geir Pedersen and  Robert Samsonowitz. They were/are still a superb punk-rock band in their own right and left a big heritage and footprint on the sound of 90’s fast melodic punk rock that to this day, still influences many bands all around the world (many of my previous projects included).

Active between 1994 and 2002, the band dealt in super fast, melodic punk-rock laced with superb vocal harmonies, political lyrics and a heart of gold.

If you were tuned into what was coming out of Scandinavia at the turn of the century, you could not miss it. They released three super influential albums (1996 Sideburner, 1998 from Left to Rightand 2000 We Got the Beat ) along with 3 Extended Plays and a split, lots of touring in mainland Europe, Scandinavia and Canada before calling it quits in 2002.

Meanwhile, their legend grew in their native Sweden, across Europe and in North America, especially here in the great white north. They surprised everyone when they announced their comeback on January 1st 2017, touring across Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, and a stint at last year’s RockFest since. What’s more, they also announced that they will donate every cent made from the reunion to charities before calling it quits again at the end of their touring schedule later this year. So far they have raised a little over $10,000 CAD for Médecins Sans Frontières.

Q & A With Max Cayer & Geir Pedersen

Here’s a very pleasant exchange I had with Geir Pedersen, lead singer and Bassist for Adhesive about the band’s impending return to Canada this week.

Max: You guys came back last year after a lengthy hiatus, how does it feel, and how is the balance working with everyday life versus short tours abroad?

Geir: It feels good! It’s really fun to get out and play, meeting old and new friends. It’s a little challenge, of course, trying to get all schedules together, but we have very understanding family members.

M: Did you guys expect such a positive reaction toward the reunion tour? Did you realize how much of rabid fan base you still have around the world ?

G: We knew that at least a few people would think it was a good thing, but the response was nothing but amazing! The shows have been great, and we got to play in countries we never have visited before. Fantastic!

M: You announced that all the money  made on these tours will be donated to charity.  Such a great initiative, to raise awareness to a cause dear to your hearts, and a great excuse to play fast punk music.

It seems that those kinds of things are very anchored in the punk rock ethos of the scene you guys were part of, to stand up for those who are left without a voice.  How did the idea come about and how has that worked so far?

G: We said from the start that we would only reunite under those conditions. Of course there is some kind of feeling that we would like to get out there and rock, but still staying true to what the band stood for. The response has been really good.

M: After 10+ years away from the band, did you guys miss it? How did those first few jams/shows feel? From what I’ve heard and seen so far, you are still a very well-oiled punk-rock machine.  Also, what’s with Sweden and amazing bands? I mean, no other country’s music output has influenced me as much, I think. I could spend the next couples of days just naming awesome Swedish or Scandinavian bands.  Did you guys have a life growing up, or you holed yourselves up in your rehearsal space all the time…?

G: We have stayed connected to the music scene over the years, but I guess we felt that Adhesive was worth a different ending than just calling it quits. Now we can make one year of shows, and then quit with a good conscience. As for the well oiled machine, I guess you can say there was need for an oil change when we first started practicing again! But we practiced quite a lot before the first shows, and as we play more, the songs sound better. Good Swedish bands – yes, there are quite a few. Maybe it’s because of the long, dark winters?

M: Lastly, Adhesive and more generally most of the Swedish punk and hardcore bands always had tight links with the province of Quebec, the city of Montreal and Canada in general. Why do you think that is? And what are some of your first (or best) memories of Montreal?

G: Quebec always liked us. We had no idea of that when we first came there, but the first tour we did there was nothing but amazing. The welcoming, the open hearted hospitality was fantastic. Playing RockFest really made me determined to return one more time, and make a proper tour. Can’t wait to get back!

If you are in need of a healthy dose of fast melodic Swedish punk rock, and want to support a good cause (Médecins Sans Frontières), be sure to catch them at Foufounes Electriques, Saturday March 21th 2018. They are also playing in Rouyn-Noranda, Trois-Riviere, Quebec City, Jonquiere and Sainte-Therese. Go see them, and thank me later.

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