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Acoustic Minds | Soultronic

Acoustic Minds | Soultronic

We get a lot of music in our inbox. I have had to hire an assistant to literally filter out the SPAM and FWD me the relevant and personal. (That is another blog in itself, how to attract the attention of a blog site..) As part of my Reverbnation Fall opportunity to review artists – we chose 12 artists to review for the Fall. This is a tough job because it involves being open to music you do not particularly like but feel deserves to be HEARD. If a music journalists just covers music they personally like, they may as well just share their ipod playlist. Although I do not listen to much Dance music anymore, I had a solid club life in my 20s and in a sea of electric synthesizers, reverb vocals drum and bass there was music that stood out to me. Music that was soulful despite it’s technology, mathematical within it’s experimental frame work or just very unique. In my electronic faves are still: Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, chemical Brothers, Groove Armada and our TIGA!

Given the ease of creating “EDM” and all it’s sub genres, we receive an unbelievable amount and most of it is garbage. Acoustic Minds is worth discovering. The singers can write, the music is simple but well composed and we have a a lot of influences fighting for space here. I like the term soultronic that I found in their SoundCloud. The music is soulful. It is the closest thing to Dance music I can think of but with enough soul and enough pop rock to be able to listen to it outside of an actual club. Good gym and party music, decent Summer car ride tracks too!

One can easilly imagine a DIPLO remix of Undertow shaking the speakers of an after hours somewhere in IBIZA. My fave song however is True Love because of the little banjo intro and rap intermission.


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