FERRARI North America’s cocktail kick-off is at the notorious and glamorous St-James hotel. Noted for decades as the epicenter of private celebrity events, as well as large international conferences. The St-James is a place where celebrities have rented out an entire floor, often causing road and sidewalk obstructing paparazzi and crazed fan traffic. Respecting the historic nature of the architecture, the guest floors as well as the lobby were designed in a classical and luxurious boy’s club fashion and furnished with European antiques, lush palms and Asian accents. The grand entrance and lobby makes this the perfect destination for a true red carpet event such as the Grand Prix/Formula 1:  Ferrari North America Invite-only cocktail launch to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the Ferrari racing challenge. Come for the swanky drinks and celebrity fashion, stay for the Ferrari frenzy! (That is of course if you were lucky enough to get on the guest list).

With over 35 drivers representing Ferrari from  all over the world, our iconic race track will witness the most dare devils to date. With beasts  from the F12 Berlinetta and FF to the 458 Challenge cars and of course the F150, Ferrari’s own formula 1 baby, team red is going to burn some serious rubber this weekend.

The FERRARI North America cocktail is this weekend and BandMark was flattered to be invited to cover the event by our friend Veronica, their PR star. We heard through a couple of little grapevines, that there were going to be a handful of stars amid the cars 😉  it also means my business partner will have to reluctantly wear a suit, and I will have an excuse to purchase a cocktail dress well beyond my financial means!

I will be LIVE tweeting my random event thoughts and uploading INSTAGRAM pics on OUR TWITTER 

   Photo credits: Ferrari North America,