June’s local foodie selection is the new Champagne bar in old Montreal called: La Champagnerie. So what can you expect when you go there? Thanks to my foodie (and drinkie) local bloggers at 514eats.com I can tell you, in a nutshell!

Expect a large well decorated space with all the things you would expect in Old 514 decor: brick walls, neat lighting polished metal bars with lots of rustic, retro or just plain antique accents like grammophones.  You can expect a wide selection (over 50) of bubbly from the affordable to the excessively lavish. So what makes this place different than let’s say a wine bar that serves varying degrees of Prosecco? The tasty test tubes filled with classic champagne favorites like berry coolies and different flavors. To date, the mixology award went to FIBO’s liquid nitro bar of blueish smokey wonders..  READ MORE @ 514eats.com!