In a saturated market of soaps, which promise to be everything from artisanal to fair traded, ecologically friendly and animal cruelty free- soap chemists have to pick their battles. The consumer wants everything: a soap that will froth with no dangerous frothing agents. A soap that smells nice with no artificial scents and a soap that will last forever (or at least a few months).

Today we speak with 7 Deadly Soap’s Joffrey Dumas on the future of Haute Soap, which are cleaning up celebrities across the land; as they are not just healthy but are well designed enough to become part of their bathroom decor. From the color to the cut and of course packaging, designer soap is carving a niche in a bustling market where people have grown tired of the classic natural glycerin soap, that is nor abrasive or conversation worthy…

7 Deadly questions with Foxylee

F: Are the Scents directly based on sins? And if so, which soap do you need the most (wink).

Joffrey Dumas:  Haha! Well everyone has a few favorites usually. They are all pretty sinful if you ask me!!! I see my soaps as little natural perfume bars. Taking a bath or shower used to be a very sacred ritual you know… I wanted to bring back sensuality in this everyday routine. I think I’ve succeeded. I’ll let you judge…but you need get naked first! 

F: I love how precise the organic ingredients are, and how honest the % are but since we are going there, are the colours natural and is the Palm oil eco certified and not just organic?

J:  Yes! Of course. Every detail has been thought of carefully. I play with vegetable and mineral colourants only. And our organic palm oil is certified RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil). I tried using other oils to replace it, but it affected the texture and foam too much. This is the best solution I have found so far…it is ethical and it results in a very creamy finish. Texture like smell needs to be on point and it is!

F: I see a future in haute-soap and feel that it’s worth the price if the soap lasts. How long do these bars typically last?

J: These organic bars are approx. 160g. A lot bigger than most soaps which often go  for around 100g. I cut them by hand so they go from 155g to about 170g. They last 4-5 weeks with an everyday use. They certainly don’t melt as fast as commercial brands. Probably at least double the time. Plus, they are good for you! And they promote a very different kind of consumerism. Everything is made local, even my molds…I am very proud of that. Most brands that sell this quality product in this size are sold for 22$-24$.  I think 17$ keeps them accessible to everyone, at least as a gift, to yourself or others. Plus I am working on discounts for larger orders like 3, 7 etc..

F: You are a very creative character, what got you into the cosmetics space with soap?

J: It’s a very long story..!!! But briefly, I’ve been making soaps for 2-3 years now, but did not have a product that was unique enough to even consider starting my line. I was making them for myself and friends. When I was looking for items to sell on my last album’s financing platform, I thought of working on a scented soap in honour of my project. So I started playing with more complex blends of essential oils and natural organic aromatic essences. And VOTH (Pomme Sacrée Aphrodisiaque) was born. I knew then, that I was on the verge of something…When the flash of the 7 DEADLY SOAPS came to me, the deal was sealed. And now, starting in December, on top of the 7 classic scents, every two months a limited scent will emerge…plus probably other scented products by the end of next year. I’m on a roll!!!

F: I am someone who loves gentle natural fragrance but hates pharmaceutical chemical deodorants. How did you create your scents to appeal to the picky?

J: I’m picky too! I made them all to please myself first…plus friends and family are never shy to give me suggestions. Like my aunt Lorraine who suggested that I make an orange based soap. FLESH (Encen d’Orange Divine) was giving me a hard time…I tried so many blends and was really not satisfied. The orange note made it happen!

F: I love how androgynous the soaps are, I can see both genders liking all of them really, does this gender neutrality come from you yourself as an artist?

J: Yes well…androgyny has always been a part of my “brand”. But really, a part of me. I love contrasts. The contrasts of masculine & feminine is definitely very present in my line. And it’s not like it was an effort…haha. I think it is very sexy to be comfortable with both sides of our human identity.

FL: Ok I had to throw in a DEADLY question. Which soap is the best for men and women to wash their pink parts, yes you heard me! ?

J: Hmmm…you are talking about your ear lobes right? Lol VOTH & FLESH are most aphrodisiac in my point of view and all of them are gentle enough to wash delicate areas 😉  But I call the whole line “savons exaltants” because they are all quite sensual scents. I think that is actually the trademark of my line…