Liver Detox for if you are having trouble taking an entire month of drinking in this boozy town, you’re not alone.

Half of all establishments are bars or restos in Montreal and never mind how much local beer is produced in-house. With a thriving bartender market place, we’ve created more mixology madness than you can imagine and virtually all dinner parties, house parties and BBQs are just a way to celebrate all the new Rose wines at the SAQ, admit it…

Well have no fear, you don’t have to take a month off to get the benefits of 30 days off, you just have to do your 7 days off more hard-core. Go big or go home with those filter organs and give them a much needed break from cocktail drinks and the food that goes with them.

Because our chairman likes his poisons, we have asked him what has been his favourite detoxes over the last few years. He has done Dry January, but like most people he substituted all his missed alcohol friends like martinis and Heineys with ice cream and macaroni & cheese! That’s the mistake most people make… they imagine that just cutting out alcohol will miraculously upgrade their liver functions. It wont – it will curb a daily or heavy weekly drinking habit but it wont ACTUALLY make you healthier if you just give your liver other battles…  solution? 7 days of nothing bad for the liver. What’s bad? Here is the list and the drink that will fix you up.

  1. High Fructose corn syrup and all refined sugar – banned for 7 days
  2. All refined bread, pasta, waffle, wrap… refined flour “”
  3. Salty things… sodium is a liver killer, keep the salt low like under 1,000 mg daily “”
  4. Processed everything. Don’t buy anything in a box or order out from unhealthy restos “”
  5. Saturated fats, ground beef, butter, mayo, cheese, fatty yogurts and sour cream all animal fats and dairy “”

Mean Green LIVER Detoxer
7 days of 1 meal replacement. Decide which meals is your less fave and replace. We find Lunch easiest.

  1. 1 can or 500 ml coconut water (unsweetened young green coconut) -regenerates liver cells
  2. 1/4 cup dandelion greens pissenlit – kicks out liver fat nodules
  3. 1/4 cup cucumber – hydrates liver
  4. 1/4 cup spinach – Liver minerals here
  5. tsp turmeric – Anti-inflammation
  6. tsp cinnamon – Liver circulation
  7. tbsp cranberries (unsweetened raw or dry) – kicks out toxins
  8. nub of fresh ginger – Anti-inflammation
  9. Half lemon – kicks out liver fat nodules
  10. Half banana – Liver vitamins

Now that you are getting your liver cleansed, how about doing the same for your mind. Investigate further here.