This was the first event from my foodie tongue trooping at the Montréal en Lumière! I was pretty excited because I had never been to Pullman’s or covered the foodie part of this event yet (previously we have  covered the music agenda). The first welcoming platter was as charming and rustic as the venue itself. It was a lovely wooden slate with endives, old cheddar, apple fritters and country smoked bacon. Everything was sweet or salty to bring out the various notes of the ciders.

We were 4 to judge the cider accompaniment. Out of the different ciders we had a lot of different styles. If they had been men, cider number one was a very prissy boy, difficult to please, light and fanciful. A private school cider, well behaved and raised with care. Cider number 2 had very deep notes and was reminiscent of an off rode cabin that your eccentric uncle left you the key for. Mysterious, adventurous and unpredictable. Assemblage of 69 varieties of cider apples coming from different orchards around Glos, in the Calvados department. Complex without complex. Jeans and T-shirt kinda guy with a surprising IQ. The 3rd cider was not notable so remembered it at all. It was forgotten as quickly as we drank it. The only thing truly recollect-able was the distinct OASIS apple juice category.

The wait staff was extremely accommodating. Our waitress was as efficient as a first class air stewardess, there to anticipate our every need. The ambiance was very conducive to a [email protected] The music was a perfect selection of background trip hop covers and electronica while the people were Montreal fashion hipster chic. Bref, I would go again.