The best underground music scene of the 90s, early 2000’s is making a comeback Saturday. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised as this period of dance music history exerts such a pull on our cultural consciousness.

It’s being ignited by Montreal’s promoters once at the forefront of it all, with my nemesis leading the way. Yes, I’m talking about Eddy Melo aka Crazy Eddy. Since the Swirl, Cream, Celebration days… he has mellowed out. If only our fondest clubbing memories could be divulged for all to see. Fortunately we get to see Crazy Productions back in the saddle doing what he does best – a crazy memorable night on and off the dance floor. You won’t want to miss this.

Soir de première #yamm sous décor lumineux de @luzstudio_mtl @missbazzo @telequebec

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A lot has happened in 13 years… the closing of Sona under 514 Productions, now known as the 514 Group are bringing us back to the legendary nights of Sona Saturday, November 18th at Théâtre Paradoxe on Monk B0ulevard. Montreal seeds are sown deep in modern music. Dj SneakDj Dan, Luc Raymond, Rob Brown and Max Hébert helped shape that back in the heydays paying homage to the deep, dark mystical nights at Sona. Speak to anyone who experienced it and the general consensus is hottest names in DJ talent and always packed with a party vibe.

Expectations are riding high from the old & new school. Théâtre Paradoxe and its unique, historical context is the ideal place to relive, for one night the mystical Sona, a once rich seam of inspiration for local and international artists.

One night at Sona brought to you by 514Group, Crazy Productions: it’s all about the VIBE! Get your tickets here.

More on the Masters of ceremony who continue to leave a lasting mark:

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