As we have a mini cabin and have to maximize space – we started an indoor herb garden with just 3 herbs that we tend to cook with the most: Parsley, Basil and Coriander. There is more to the benefits of these cute little plants besides adding flavour to your fave dishes. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need an indoor winter herb garden.

Grow Indoor Herbs!
10 Herbs to grow inside – year round!

1 Nature’s Air Freshener

According to NASA, plants purify the air by exchanging carbon monoxide for fresh oxygen. Now that’s a trade I like! They are also known as odour eaters and provide a crisp fresh scent of chlorophyl. Especially beneficial for those who live in the city.

2 Tiny Space Decor

Tiny space? No problem. Even a dorm room can accommodate a few tiny herb pots. You will need light however, so make sure they are close to a window, without them getting too chilled. If you have little surface space, you can hang them vertically or even hook them on a wall!

3 Liven up your smoothies!

Everyone ads a little basil to pasta, but have you tried topping a smoothie with some fresh herbs? Nothing like a little parsley on a sour cherry smoothie or some coriander on a kale coconut smoothie. The combinations are endless…

4 Less expensive than buying them each time

Each pack of herbs is almost the same price as buying the potted plant. From purely an economical level, it makes more sense to grow herbs that will reproduce themselves or at least offer several batches in one pot.

5 Fresh herbs have more health benefits 

Dried herbs are great but certain herbs are healthier and tastier fresh like Mint, Parsley and dill. There are also special enzymes which only come with freshly cut herbs.


Need a killer smoothie recipe to add herbs to? Here is one of our faves!