There are businesses and then there are mini worlds of people and ambiance, which sell things too. OFOLIE, hair salon & spa is such a place. The first time I got my hair done at OFOLIE, the owner Ofeyla, offered me vodka soaked gummy bears, and gave my dog a steak bone! Now they can’t get rid of me..  curious about the space and history, I interviewed Ofeyla during my last appointment.

Me: The place is really cool, who decorated it?

O: Me mostly, I enjoy collecting and beautifying. I decorated it with many old painting and photographs because for me, Old Montreal is where it all begins. Everyone who first came to Montreal came via the port and I love meeting new people.

Me: It’s huge, it’s like a magic doorway. Here you are thinking it’s going to be this hallway-esque salon between 2 restos and then BOOM 2 other rooms, a massage basement and semi-apartment and even a back lane and BBQ!

O: The type of clients I get are typically in for a few things. I get a lot of hotel referrals so I need to be equipped handle hair, nails and relaxation – those are the big 3.

Me: You guys like to have fun, there are often BBQs and lemonade stands or mini dance parties I have witnessed or joined in on.

O: I believe that sharing good food and drink with people over music is the best marketing. I actually do not even do it for marketing purposes but it’s obvious that if you go to a BBQ, in a hair salon and you need your hair cut, you might try me next time.

Me: What makes OFOLIE better than your competition?

O: We treat everyone like a VIP and make them feel like a million bucks. We are fun and kind and genuinely love people. You can pay $200 for a shrink, or get a nice massage and your hair done with us and the feeling will last longer, because we are not trying to get to the bottom of your issues, we just want you to feel great about yourself when you leave. Having people take care of your body is a wonderful and therapeutic feeling.

235, Rue Notre-dame West, Montréal, QC H2Y 1T4
(514) 281-6999