Interview with Violca Yryku ‘Mansion’

If you’ve been remotely paying attention in the last year of what’s been happening in the music industry you’ve surely heard of Mansion. Mansion Aka Violca Yryku has been all over Canada touring! And with her latest single “Gasaida” that’s been signed to SPG/Universal, Mansion has been stirring up lots of attention! Recently getting blogged about on “Discodust” over in the UK which led Mansion to getting signed by Big Life Management in the UK and TFA bookings. I had the pleasure of meeting her a while back through a mutual friend/DJ Max Alexandre, and just recently caught up with her again to get a glimpse into the future of the many things to come.

The New Album I’m working on will be very different from past work that Mansion had released.  A more polished and experienced sound. It’s Mansion’s first official album and because it’s my first I have focused on making it full of singles and no filler tracks. We have a lot of guest vocalists on it such as Isis from Thunderheist, rapper Bless, Vitaminsforyou, Steven Taetz, Gentleman Deluxe.  All the songs are different ranging from pop to trance to tribal to Prog House to commercial. We want the album to appeal to a wide range of electronic music fans and also to show that Mansion doesn’t just make house…I love all kinds of music.

How do you define yourself, personally?

I like to try out different things all the time in regards to my music. I don’t like doing what everyone else is… I find we are in a world of quick cheap productions…the “NOW” generation. I’m studying a lot of older music for inspiration, a sort of getting back to my “roots” type method. I don’t like labeling myself as a person or as a dj…I like what i like and that’s it.

What do you think characterizes your general appeal to others?

It’s not about me! I never make it about me…I make it about you! You’re the one that pays to go to a club you’re the reason I was booked! I organize my sets according to what I think you will like and dance too. I try to pay as much attention as possible to the crowd. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out to see a DJ that I think will blow me away and its the most boring set ever. Dj’s such as boysnoize I love….he is always staring at the audience grooving to his music and just knocks you down track after track… it’s awesome, it’s like seeing Dj Sneak back in the day… 5-hour sets of pure dancing…and I never dance. I look up to dj’s back in the rave days such as Barry Weaver and Terry Mullen, Felix the House Cat…they just knew how to rock a party and keep it tight the entire time.

Violca Yryku, if you were to die tomorrow, what would you want to be remembered for?

Bringing the party, always having a good time, plus I’m not gonna die tomorrow I’m also sort of a hippie and don’t believe in putting the thought out into the universe at all….and when I do die I hope I’m remembered for making people dance.  I want to make music that will be the setting for all kinds of stuff, walking to work on your ipod, getting ready to go out…making out with your girl, getting fucked up at a club….

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