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5 immersive Montreal Events to ESCAPE the last winter melt!

5 immersive Montreal Events to ESCAPE the last winter melt!

Tired of slush, snow islands and the occasional snowfall? So are we which is why we have conjured up 5 things you can do that will literally transport you into a universe away from grey April skies and its gritty streets below.  While the springtime works on cleaning up the city and preparing its 2019 bloom, we did a little out-of-the-box thinking to bring you beyond movie theatres and concerts. So choose your fave immersive Montreal spring events for yourself!

If you like old cathedrals and highly immersive visuals and music, this one’s for you. The soundtrack alone will blow you away, it’s a beautiful mix of Nutcracker magic, with angelic church choir vocals, orchestral and electronic waves weaved in to match the luminous and organic pixels that take over space.

Next level dinner parties are here and they come in so many creative flavours from old castles with lanterns to your own private dome under the skies. What I love about this dinner concept is that you get the energy of a large scale event, yet the privacy of your own cozy dome! It’s on my bday radar ;)

Aren’t you intrigued at just the show title? I am. I have no idea what this is, and I want to keep it that way until I go because obvi a LAMPARIUM experience is awesome. From a few secs of video, it looks like an AVATAR garden full of luscious eye candies. Yum.

Why: Because Volcanoes are awesome and nobody hates them and they will be in 3 effin D. Yeah so
that’s something I would enjoy and suggest to others! I mean, look how epic in the non-3d:

Deville Diner Bar
Why? Because the decor is transportive. 50s / 80s and modern. Also because every now and again everyone loves a burger & fishbowl drink! Also who doesn’t like their burger promise (P.S they also have a killer multi mushroom patty for vegans/vegetarians)  “We are proud to team up with Creekstone Farms™ to offer 100% Black Angus Beef in our burger blend. Grass-fed and raised without antibiotics with a zero tolerance approach to added hormones” :) 

Another immersive Montreal best-kept secret is the Kamayan Feast at Junior. All hands in, enjoy this wonderful Filipino restaurant.


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