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5 EVIL nutrition FACTS about your friend | The BAGEL

5 EVIL nutrition FACTS about your friend | The BAGEL

Bagels are marketed ironically as the “healthy” option.  At Tim Hortons, one can see the guilt-free masses proudly ordering a bagel and light cream cheese, because obviously anything with light cream cheese is diet food. I often hear drunken local girls insist to their girfriends that 1 bagel at St-Viateur will be harmless compared to let’s say a 99 cent slice of pizza. The actual look of the infamous bagel reveals nothing suspiciously fatty or sugary as does a donut or other food items that dress up in their caloric content. However, the bagel is surprisingly high in everything you are trying to avoid in a healthy diet. This is not to say never eat bagels, everything in moderation is fine. Just understand that they fall in the same cheat category as ice cream, croissants and cakes. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 Facts about their nutritional information.

  1.  2 slices of french toast WITH  2tbsp of maple syrup  has as many carbs as 1 plain bagel which is about 50 depending on the bagel and the bread used in the French toast

  2.  There is more sodium in a bagel than in an entire (small) bag of many chip brands

  3.  There are more calories in a MARS chocolate bar than in a bagel

  4.  A Croissant has a similar nutritional breakdown, just less of everything listed in a bagel

  5. A slice of pizza will curb your appetite faster than a bagel because it contains a more well rounded group of foods (cheese & veggie or cheese and pepperoni) similar caloric content



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