I have always hated clothing hangers. Even when I was a teenager and got into organizing my vast wardrobe by color, I still resented using hangers. It’s not because it takes so much time to hang up clothing-it’s because it’s annoying to do so. Clothing often slips off, the hangers need to be pointed in the right direction and also hooking them on just seems like a jarring step vs a smooth one.  When I say “hangers” I am referring to the metal, plastic or wooden ones that come with a hook that go on a rail. Then I started thinking, there is a reason why people tend to drape their clothing over a door or chair.

When searching the internet, I discovered that many people share my distaste for traditional clothing hangers and found a few pretty cool alternatives. Below are my faves! Oh and they are are gluten free 😉

1. HANGAR for those who believe in hangers but just think they should be better, MUCH better. I’m not sure anyone who isn’t a clothing store or a Kardashian needs them though!

2. Magnetic hangers for those who like haute design vs practicality. I want these like yesterday. Love that the spare ones stack, that they are magnetic and made of light bamboo.

2. Chrome S-hooks Can get at Ikea for hanging various things by the label or jean loop. Gives your space an industry re-purposed feel.

3. Canvas vertical hangers also from IKEA and they have ones for shoes too. These are practical but kinda fugly. They will give the space a “student” look.

4. Shelving cubes Def the most style if your clothing is minimal and girly. Not ideal for dress shirts – but great for everything else. If you go the cube route, IKEA might not be high end enough for you – go with something artsy.

5. Clothing tree This concept is not practical but nice for a loft and few items. A minimal hipster who has 7 undies, 2 pairs of jeans, suspenders and an annoying Fedora needs this tree.