One thing I love is architecture and what I love  more than architecture is old architecture. What I like EVEN more than old arcitecture is ruined old architecture. Abandoned houses, haunted houses, ruins and really anything with flaking paint, Rust and dangerous floor boards. The loft that I lived in for 3 year was an abandoned warehouse. You could still see old fashion factory furniture from the 40s and dustry old lamps from the 70s. It was heaven. Re-vamping it to turn it into our very first BandMark office/loft was really fun. There is something thrilling about preserving the old and adding the new at all at once. Today’s old architecture find is this old plantation from Lousiana. Photo Origin & Site

It is in LeBeau, which is  just south of New Orleans in St. Bernard Parish, sitting on a big lot all by itself, with a Domino sugar refinery in the background. Below are 3 pictures which really make it easy for me to imagine what the place looked like when that teal was freshly painted and the siding was whiter than ocean foam.