We all consider deleting our phone apps when the clutter and space-wasters start to seriously get to us. Of course, this is followed up by new apps we want to try out… a vicious cycle. So few keepers we’ll hold on to. Here are 3 new apps we think you’ll end up keeping:


So what’s your “EVEREST?” Whether you’re learning another language, hitting the gym daily or eating your weight in bacon, this app is designed to help you start working towards your life goals. It’s like a social community for people who get things done. Share your goals, discover new ways to break each down into steps and track your progress for a more productive 2013.


It’s one thing to have a to-do list, it’s another to accomplish what’s on it. With the CARROT app, your to-do list becomes a game and you get more done because of it. CARROT rewards your productivity… what a friendly app 🙂

3. LAST MESSAGE (Android)

Your phone battery is on its last bar and you don’t think it will last more than a text message or two. LAST MESSAGE is a must download app for those who are often in this situation. It will text, email, Facebook message or tweet your selected friends and family and alert them when your phone is on its final lap.