We saw the pubic push in 2013 when some daring models and Playboy editorials were displaying a lot more than the bikini and landing stripper. In 2014 the furry force is strong as vintage sleaze is at an all-time high in fashion, photography and pornography. Playboy magazines, which date pre-cat shave (80s) are selling for more and more on ebay as men’s desire for hair pie photography increases.

Personally, I think it’s creepy for grown men to prefer completely bald genitalia, it’s just too pedo for me. For those who are not sure what to do with the hair down there, a classic trim and high-cut bikini sculp isn’t going anywhere. It meets the needs of both male preferences and is the most compatible for bikinis, thongs, regular undies and going commando. An added problem to the bald kitty fetish is that it puts both partners at an increased chance for infection, irritation and other undesirables such as razor bumps and shaving cuts. Men have been shaving it off more than women and the gay and metro sexual manscaping culture is booming. Laser hair removal salons now have packages for men to trim, wax, and laser off the entire genital region including his brown star! For men who are not ready for the AMERICAN APPAREL pubic hair models to come to life, here are some tips to prepare:

  1. Pubic hair is natural, historically most eras have left it well alone
  2. Pubic hair on both sexes adds friction and increases overall pleasure
  3. Pubic hair is a natural buffer to reduce the chances of viral infection and certain STDs like genital herpes
  4. Contrary to popular belief that pubic hair is dirty, shaving it off sends the body a signal to increase the production of friendly bacterias.
  5. Fact: women who shave off all their pubic hair were more promiscuous than women who didn’t or simple trimmed it in numerous studies

Cameron Diaz has proclaimed that pubic hair is there for a reason, and to remove it is tantamount to saying, “I don’t need my nose”.