I swear if this recipe was any easier, dead people could join in! All you need is a nice piece of pork roast or sirloin, 1 can of rootbeer or (actually any pop, cherry coke or dr.Pepper is excellent too) and a lot of patience 🙂 the key in this recipe is having a good crock pot or serious Tfal so that the sticky drippings and sugary pop doesn’t crust and burn your pan or pot. O.k let’s go!

  1. 1 can of Root beer
  2. 1 large piece of porn roast or loin
  3. Your fave spices and BBQ sauce (mine is black pepper, smoked paprika and Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce)

Directions: Place roast in your roasting container whatever that may be. Poor half the can of pop onto the roast, shower with your fave spices and Simmer on low/med for 3 hours like 3/4 on most stoves. Then after 3 hours, add the rest of the pop and reduce to 1/2 low simmer for another 3 hours, until it shreds easily with a fork basically with very little effort. Once it’s cooked, pour the rest of the dripping and cut off the big fat pieces and shred quickly with a fork, turning it into the pulled pork that you are used to seeing (like the photo) Then, add your favorite BBQ sauce (half cup) and mix it all about until it ends up with a nice orange hue. The result is amazing and people will be impressed at how yummy this easy pulled pork recipe is!