Note to self: D-Vernissage not to be missed September 24th! American glass sculptor Dave Chihuly’s works are unique to the field of blown glass, “moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture.” The event was organized by the Fine Art’s Young Philanthropist Circle (YPC) who also happened to be celebrating their 1 year anniversary. Through innovative and exclusive events, the Circle aims to encourage a new generation to get involved in philanthropy at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA).

The exhibit was a huge success drawing crowds of over 150,000 visitors in 80 days!  With this D-Vernissage the YPC gives young professionals the chance to be among the few people privileged to admire, in private, the monumental, magical works of this artist, celebrated across the world for his stained-glass creations and also network with other young professionals during this unique evening.

Washingtonian born Chihuly is regarded as the “Tiffany” of our day. The accomplished 50 year veteran of plastic blown glass has been exploring its boundaries using fire, gravity, breath and centrifugal force plays with colours, reflections and organic forms, repetition, accumulation and layering arrangements of modular and singular elements to create unparalleled rhythms and visual effects.

After viewing his techno coloured visions my business partner and I made our way down to the classy marblesque reception hall. We were greeted by 250 attendees, costumed Chihuly art impersonators accompanied by delicious hors d’oeuvres and free flowing wine. The edible piece de resistance was a live dessert making performance composed by 2 dessert chefs that threw together a variety of fruits, nuts, syrups and cake bits onto a ballroom table. Turns out the actual presentation was more entertaining than the dessert itself lol…

We’ve put up pictures of some of his impressive work in our BandMark just music pinterest account and also get a better sense of Chihuly and his craft making technique here.