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15th MUTEK in Montreal | Fills a week with music!

15th MUTEK in Montreal | Fills a week with music!

15th MUTEK in Montreal | Fills a week with music! 1

15 years of electronic trailblazing comes to a head tonight! Tuesday the 27th opens the first night of this year’s MUTEK, Montreal’s music festival for future sounds. If Tuesday sounds a little early to open a weekend festival, well, MUTEK has shaken up its schedule. The enormously popular fest will now run for six days in venues across the Montreal area. That’s almost a full week of globally-renowned acts from the digital frontline.

The fest’s expansion comes courtesy of new partners Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, and the museum serves as the main stage and headquarters of MUTEK for its duration. Previous MUTEKS each traffic in a loose theme, and this year is no different. To justify the expansion of the fest, MUTEK’s rounded up a crew of highly-buzzed, mostly NYC-based youngbloods, taking its cue from the cutting edge of music blogs to ensure maximum buzz.

Basically, if your wardrobe consists of post-apococalyptic cotton emblazoned with arcane crosses, triangles and slime fonts, you’ve just found your Mecca. In fact, if you’re white, own a synth and live in Brooklyn, there’s fifty-fifty odds you’re on the roster!

ben-frost-2014-press-650x400Names this time around: NYC Pitchfork “blue-wave” sensation Nicolas Jaar, Brooklyn indie-EDM trio Archie Pelago, vaporwave auteur Oneohtrix Point Never, highbrow San Francisco soundbender Holly Herndon, thunderous Rekjavik-based noise futurist Ben Frost, and cinematic Michigan neo-techno crooner Audion / Matthew Dear.

As per MUTEK’s sensory overload ethos, these acts won’t just be playing music; many are involved in hush-hush developments of massive audio-visual displays and performance art, ensuring a concert experience that can’t be obtained through Tumblr. If you’re remotely interested in the electronic music at its most current and vital, you owe it to yourself to check out MUTEK!

Click on through to the MUTEK site for tickets and info. We’ll leave you with some deep, dark electro-acoustic beauty from headliner Nicolas Jaar…

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