10 Rainy Day Activities in Montreal

It’s not hard to entertain yourself in Montreal during festival season and Summer fun, but what if there is no sun? Every local already knows about the Dollar cinema and the underground malls so… what do you do if your big day outside was to go grab a lobster roll at a food truck and catch an outdoor concert? Here are 10 rainy day activites that locals and tourists can do in Montreal even if the sun is not on your side.

We have tons and many are free! The ideal would be to go to one that has enough of an exhibit to kill an hour or so, eat somewhere near then back in the safety of your metro or uber! A museum I love to visit every now and again is the fashion & textiles museum in Old Montreal. Fashion throughout the eras!

Big plays at the Centaur and little ones at many caffes and smaller theatre venues provide Montrealers with many theatre options. With a city thriving with actors, there are plays contantly in Montreal and often they are artsier & edgier than other more mainstream cities. The CENTAUR has a variety of small and large productions and is one of our fave places, also located in the historic hood.

Cat caffe (yes you heard correctly!)
There is a very funny review of this in VICE from a guy who did magic mushrooms and went! I am sure it is quite enjoyable completely sober too. Not for the allergic that is certain but  a really nice concept. Enjoy a cup of tea around one of 8 adopted shelter cats who apparently all have a very unique character! Cat caffe in the plateau.

Old historical houses
There are quite a few and some are little known. One that I like has a great opium den. It is le Chateau Dufresne in the hoche. Many rooms and things to see here. It’s good to pick a very elaborate tour to kill time and rain!

Ceramic Caffe
Make a piece of ceramic art when it rains, and pick it up glazed and cooked on a sunnier day. This is a very popular cafe where you can glaze a variety of kitchen ware and other objects while you have a coffee. Requires you to be somewhat artsy or go with someone who is. Right on St Denis in the upper plateau lies the ceramic caffe.

Laser Quest
Personally, I would need stimulants to want to run after people with a laser gun and I also find it stressful to be chased so this idea is not for me but perhaps it interests others who haven’t tried it yet! Montreal has a great laser quest  game if you are in a group. The only problem is that the game goes by fairly quickly so rounds can add up..

Glow Bowling
Many drunk memories of NOT hitting any of the glowing pins but having a great time anyways! This was a fave with a lot of our friends when we lived downtown.. SHARX has glow bowling and a bunch of pool tables too!

Montreal Roller Derby girls games!
Out of of hockey, soccer or football? Pick a team to root for at the Mtl Roller Derby. These girls mean business and tickets are decently priced to go watch a match. The arenas change, so take a look at the schedule.

Mohawk Bingo (juuust outside of Montreal)
Why not go on a rainy drive and go to the indian reserve’s hidden gambling gem MOHAWK BINGO where the odds of winning government unregulated delicious pots of cold hard cash are real and the host is fun. If you are into gambling (or you just want to kill many hours and test your lucky numbers) there are weekly games for all to play.

Netflix and chill Montreal style!
Montreal has some of the fastest and yummiest order in options for rainy days. Why not accept that you are destined to the indoors and watch some old sit coms with a Quebec style pizza (mushroom, onion, bacon, pepperoni, green peppers) and a few St-Ambroise cold ones?