When publishing social media, we must make sure that there are no errors in the text, that the text is not too shocking or irrelevant to your customers and that this piece of information is engaging. Posting about your crazy Vegas week-end or that you bought a new pen is not what your customers want to hear… Social media friends and followers wants micro-news, funny shares, tips, the inside story… think about what makes you say “hmm, this I SHOULD FORWARD”.

Step 1 to publishing social media -Don’t over clone!

As convenient as it is, to link up all your vehicles (facebook, Twitter, MySpace, youtube) this makes a very boring newsfeed for your database. Try not to connect more than 2 of these accounts which will have a duplicate status. (Myspace and Twitter we feel are most compatible as youtube tends to be more video-centric and Facebook allows you to post heavier content than Twitter.

Step 2 to publishing social media content – Track it!

Now that you have all your vehicles in mind and your news, you want to make sure if possible – you can track it. SocialTalk, Bit.ly and others social trackers permit you to track your every post and the success of it’s distribution. You don’t need to track each one, but it’s good to do a weekly track to see how the click-through is doing.

Let’s say you are trying to promote a video. You would paste the video link in your Facebook profile, page and group. Ideally, you would use a thumbnail choice from YouTube and post a little title before the video so people know what they are watching. We will use one of our client’s videos to demonstrate: the video in question is titled “Sexy Girl Undressing” clearly a catchy title 😉  We wouldn’t link our official website because one is better of doing this inside the YouTube description of the video itself. This is more discreet.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8uo7V6W3aU This is what the complete link will look like. As you can see it’s pretty long – so for Twitter you may want to shorten it with Bit.ly a shorten-and-track app to: http://bit.ly/bQeO8x which will take up less room. This is also a good way to get people to click on a surprise if you only want them to see the content, once clicked like “Click here to get a sneak peak at our…”

(the actual video embed, should look similar… with title and thumbnail or in a hyperlink for emails)

Sexy Girl Undressing <—hyperlink and embed right below

You would post the video link or the shortened link in your MySpace status and your MySpace bulletin too (assuming those are active profiles). If you have any social bookmarking accounts like DIGG or de.licious, you would post there too. Really you will post anywhere you can. In your actual Youtube account, simply showcasing it in your channel, updating your subscribers with a little bulletin and favorite-ting (and thumbs up) in your account will drive organic traffic within your community outward.  As for comments, only allow yourself 1 comment about your own video and it can’t be the first 😉 you can make as many replies as you want though by using @ just like in Twitter…

Step 4 to publishing social media content – A small reminder is not spamming

Then you will post to your members directly the next time you have a larger piece of news or a monthly newsletter. This post should be no more than a week away, more of a reminder post like “Hey, don’t forget we have our annual BBQ this Thursday and for those who haven’t see our latest video: “Sexy Girl Undressing...” here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8uo7V6W3aU

Step 5 to publishing social media content – The personal touch

This is key. Pick 1 very small number of friends like a dozen and email them directly in a small CC or BCC the link. Explain that you produced this video and how proud you are of it and that you thought they would find it interesting. You may think sending the email to you mom goes nowhere but what if she was in the mood to share it with a friend that day who shared it to her son, who has a crazy popular blog and will blog about it that day? You never know how far word of mouth can go so don’t be shy to share 🙂 Sharing btw is not WALLING 100 0 people’s MySpace comments saying “Watch my video NOW” this is obviously not personal… the only spam you should be, if any, to your own news-feed… Picking out a few FB friends and putting on their wall “Hey Jenn, this is the vid I was telling you about is fine, if those friends don’t mind to be used a promo vehicle, because believe me, when you are in marketing everyone feels they are a vehicle to you.

Step 6  to publishing social media content – knowing when to post

Here’s a trick our buddy Marco shared with us. For Facebook, check to see when lots of people are on-line in your chat window (you can do this for MySpace too) this is a good indication of a popular on-line time. Do your posts then. It’s really not rocket science, just put yourself in your target market’s mind and try to think of how they want to be delivered content.

Step 7  to publishing social media content – when in doubt, do not SHOUT

this is out little motto at BandMark. If you are wondering weather re-posting is too soon or if your communication might be too aggressive, turn it down a notch. It is always better to quietly promote than scream.

Step 8  to publishing social media content -Sneak it in!

If you wish to make a third posting in 1 week and it is not a reminder post, your only choice is to sneak it into an engagement or existing thread. Adding inside a string of relevant comments, a forum post, blog reply can be the way to do that but do this sparingly and please don’t duplicate the content!

Step 9  to publishing social media content – YOUR company isn’t the only interesting thing out there!

There is brand awareness and there is brand overkill. Do not drown people in constant updates about your brand or band.  1/3 of your updates should be about non-work related stuff, current news, other people’s news, small talk. AGAIN, this doesn’t mean “Boy are we hung over from that VEGAS bender and woooo those strippers were fine” It means “Company name, had a blast at the Vegas conference, the mirror titled horse at the BELLAGIO hotel is pretty cool…”  If you don’t have a creative bone in your body but you are nevertheless in charge of managing social media brand awareness, check out what is trending on Twitter, viralling on YouTube, MSN news highlights, Associated Press… Sign-up to some cool blog feeds in your industry and let other news inspire you.

Step 9  to publishing social media content – Pay it forward, 100% selfless promo for someone else

That’s right, share other people’s news, promotions, causes for no reason other than helping someone else out or showing appreciation for their little micro topics. First of all this kind of kindness can only make you friends, who may in turn re-post but even if they don’t – consider it good virtual karma 😉 What are the kind of things you can post?

  • Other people’s tweets in the form of a RT (Re-tweet) this helps you also on days where you are having a writer’s block…
  • A good cause you like. If you believe tax payers should force their government to be part of a public audit, post-it
  • Someone’s birthday like a good friend. That friend who sees you as a marketing shark sees a sweeter side today n’est-ce-pas?
  • Some really nice art you saw on-line and feel the artist could use some eye shots
  • An event you feel is worth everyone attending, even if it isn’t your event like “turn off your power for an hour day”