It’s a sous-entendu that for NYE everyone from the non drinker to the heavy social drinker is known to go a little liquor wild on this particular night. Unlike Halloween where there is a core theme of dress up/party or Christmas where the main goal is do dress up a dead pine tree/ buy some gifts/party; New Year’s IS is a party holiday. If there is one day a year where even your mom or boss can get trashed (within reason) it’s the last day of the year. But when have you gone too far? Is everything excusable? No, here is a quiz of 10 signs that you got too drunk on NYE. Answer a YES to any one of them (with the exception of College kids) and your resolution this year should be loud and clear…

1. You woke up outside

2. You cheated on your significant other

3. You ended up naked in public

4. You ended up in the ER as a direct result of partying

5. You puked anywhere but the toilet

6. You got into a physical fight

7. Your entourage abandoned you to ensure there was no social association

8. You blacked out

9. Your pet has not been fed or walked from after party madness

10. You ended up as a meme on the internet for debauchery