1. Her mascara is often running? – or she just has not slept in weeks!
  2. She has Twitter fans called @Sirusismyvirus – other zombies who have been bitten?
  3. Her tongue is always out – because she is hungry!
  4. She is often wearing a chain necklace – zombies often get chained and walk around with parts of chain.
  5. She has half a shaved head – zombies are often missing hair in pieces from having been attacked by human chain saws.
  6. She swings on wrecking balls – during a destruction of a zombie squat house, some zombies will jump on the ball itself to try and escape!
  7. She will eat anything including bar bells. After weeks of starving, zombies will resort to anything.
  8. Her eyes are often Supernatural blue, the glowy kind that suggests things are not so human anymore..
  9. Her lyrics: “No we can’t stop – no we WONT stop” – that’s right, zombies can’t stop eating people and frankly they wont stop either.
  10. Only the top of her hair is blonde – sun bleached from days of walking for food.. Must eat Muuuust Eaaat!