YouTube insight means no more cheating!

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When YouTube launched YouTube Insight this Summer all the fake views marketers and advertisers freaked out because now the stats go beyond comments and views.  Up-loaders are encouraged to display the complete statistics of their video views and those who don’t will be investigated by  and be giving off a pretty sketchy vibe in general.  Aside from having honest and healthy looking video statistics including geographic and demographic, advertisers will be interested in the videos which get a lot of eye shots, so don’t YouTube surprised if you have popular videos getting hit up by Advertisers, primarily YouTube/Google.

Imagine how embarrassing it was when YouTube launched YouTube Insight and peoploe who had purchased fake views had no information showing up in their stats, yet that had many views. Each view in linked to a real IP, so fake views are easily caught now.  Another embarrassing element to the YouTube Insight is when very clean and corporate companies use their Adult or Casino web traffic, now the referred traffic source is shown! It may be better to hide it then one may think because it is in the privacy option to decide wheather or not to let your video’s Insight go Public, but having public information is the standard. It shows you are not ashamed or scared to show where your viewers are coming from.  To see where to look at your YouTube Insight.

How to Use YouTube Insight

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