Need some Xgames Energy?

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BASE has launched their latest energy drink – a sports drink for Xtreme thirst quenching and Xtreme energy for Xgamers! It’s market is Xtreme sports fans: skaters, riders, boarders and bikers and fans of the xgames.  They were lucky to be able to brand the trendy can with the big Xgames X logo and develop a whole brand culture on their site:


Below is their cool stop animation/3D video that was created to promote the new Xgames drink and website.  Conceived and produced by STROB and Patrick Boivin, some of Montreal’s hottest talent in video production, this video has been seeing some serious coverage with comments saying “Wow after seeing this video, I’d for sure buy the drink” which is just want BASE wants to hear.

We at BandMark are proud to do the social media marketing for the Xgames energy video & are curious about the drink too… having had many companies give us sample cases for the loft, we are wondering what any cocktail party aficionados are wondering: how does Xgames energy  mix with Vodka? TBC!

Go Xgames Energy GO!

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7 Responses to Need some Xgames Energy?

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow man cooool! Where can I get this drink? I’m a sk8ter and boarder and I bet I’d love this dope ass new drink!


  2. Ali says:

    I saw one at my dep and its not a couch tard – they seem to be selling well too cause it was the last one! I’m gonna go try it next time they’re stocked. Go Xgames Energy man!!!


  3. Damon says:

    Dude I am totally gonna try this drink out! Xgames rules man!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dunx says:

    Watch out GURU is all I can say – Xgames Energy looks pretty killer. Natural and Taurine free with a mean LOGO and a slick narrow can mmm…

    Does it mix well with Vodka?? Anyone? hehe

    • admin says:

      Hmm good question, maybe Lucie from PING knows, they prob got a case. Lucie? Does Xgames Energy make a mean cocktail?

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