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Remember Susan Boyle, the Scottish singing sensation who made her break through her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent? She soared to fame mainly through the viral explosion of her performance on Youtube (and she’s only one of many)  There are countless other examples of people shooting to fame from having their videos on Youtube (Jon Lajoie) or their song associated with a cute video (“Ensemble” by Coeur de Pirate).

You might think that getting your video views is simply a matter of chance, but don’t be fooled. There are very definite strategies to getting your video viewed; people pay big bucks to get theirs on Youtubes Most View of the Day, of the Week, for 100,000+ views, etc.

I suppose you could do it yourself once you knew those strategies, but even then it would take you hours and  if you’re on this page, chances are you are an aspiring musician, not an aspiring viral video promoter.  So let us do all this nerdy and tedious techy stuff for you! Just remember that having a popular video on Youtube is definitely a first step on the path to success!

Jon Lajoie
Jon Lajoie

Susan Boyle

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