How to choose a Band name

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Was talking to a buddy the other day and got me thinking how some bands are harder to SEO than others.  METRIC for example, is incredibly hard to buy AdWords for or play with the search engines. If you do a search for the word “METRIC”, you will likely get a huge amount of Math related results right below their band results, meaning that if they were not famous they would likely be on page 2 or much further.

Another thing to consider, similarly to when choosing a good web domain, are deliberate spelling mistakes or totally non-sensical words. For example, the band dd/mm/yyyy. I bet they thought they were clever coming up with that one, but were they? How easy is it to screw that one up. For example, in order for me to have actually provided you with the accurate spelling of the name, I had to enter quite a few search terms, enough to bore a potential fan onto another search. Here was my exact process:

ddmmyy, dd-mm-yy, ddmmyyy, dd/mm/yyy Google was not helping me much either, I was getting a plethora of date definitions and Q&A pages from yahoo & Wikipedia about the correct way to display dates.

So what names are the best names for bands? Well there are 3 things to consider.

Choosing a band name tip# 1– Is it easy for a potential fan to remember? – less than 7 letters or 2 words.
Choosing a band name tip#2– Will it be easy for the search engines to locate? – not fighting for keyword space
Choosing a band name tip#3– Is it a strange or long word that the Press can muck up? -very long or has symbols

Apparently 2 words are easiest to remember as we are conditioned to remember 2 words in a row from the day we learn our first and last name.  A lot of Publishers know this when putting out EP’s books or movies.  So let’s choose the name Candy Jesus as it is first to pop into my head, which is odd because I don’t like candy and I am not at all religious! Anyways as we can see, it is 2 words that are properly spelled, yet out of context which is ideal. On top of it both words the same leghth, giving the name a catchy sort of ring to it. Top 3 2 worded bands I can think of: Pearl Jam,  Simple Plan,  The Who. What about names like The Police and The Doors? Well if those bands had not made it famous yet during the birth of the internet, they would have been lost in a sea of search results. I’ll show you a live example. Let’s imagine you wanted to call your band The Oven.

Results 1 – 10 of about 18,800,000 for The oven A lot of resto reviews here, kitchen stores, stories about ovens…

Second best would be 1 uniquely spelled word like Bjork, Styx, Moby although these words don’t exist in the dictionary, they are easy to remember as they are 7 letters or less, like phone numbers. The only problem is that people who aren’t totally familiar with the band may get the name wrong at first and try Byork, Sticks, Mobie.

The third best would be 3 or more worded band names. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Because they are famous one feels it is an easy name to remember but think about this name: The spicy green Thai curries . These are the worst for the media as often the journalist will forget or replace a word and print: Presenting: The spicy green curry.

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