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As some of you may know I joined  GoogleWave recently and while in there, created many interesting waves. One of the most interesting is the one where me and some friends/workmates can add the cool stuff we find on the web in all sorts of categories. This week, the web gems are all Andre and mine cause the other surfers in our wave are not participating -and it’s prob cause the submissions in our cool wave are so awesome that they are worried they will not be able to find such extraordinary web truffles 😉

I compiled my fav top of the week NJOY! (We have lots of cool links and pics but I’ll just put up vids until we get a domain.  If you would like to add coolness to our wave,  just add your …@gmail.com in the comments and we’ll add you to the wave!

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8 Responses to Splashes from the cool wave

  1. André says:

    “I should tell yo mama on you!”

    Red G-Funk Represent! Apparently he put out a single in February:


    Can’t find it though… Looking.

  2. Bryan says:

    Wiked set of videos guys *2 thumbs up*

  3. Lee says:

    He put out a single?! Wow that rocks… save it for next week’s wave 😉

    Thx Bryan!!! 😀

  4. Mabak says:

    Wow, that’s amazing, Lee, keep the good work!

  5. Andre says:

    Found it! Red got a single up on iTunes in June:


    I want the accapela so I can do my take on it. I really didn’t hear the track the way those producers do…

    BTW, 100k hits on this video alone. I think people around the world have heard him now from that parking lot. Can’t wait to see how far he goes…

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Amazing videos – you’re the best – hope to see more Bryan!!!

    Lee’s mom

  7. Lee says:

    Mom, Andre is the one who is helping me find vids not Bryan LOL!
    Bryan however finds very good Cab Sauv hehe!

    Andre that rocks for Red man… u should totaly do a remix 😀

  8. Lee says:

    so we about to get hyphy wit it
    you claim that you don’t like me, quit it
    after hours now I’m all up in it
    and after that she keep me Nike fitted

    Nuf said RED!

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