Susan Boyle – hero of misfits everywhere!

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I know, I know, yet ANOTHER blog entry on instant-fame sensation Susan Boyle. How can this be new you ask. Well it’s not. I just felt like writing a little ode to everyone’s inner misfit.Our society is always trying to sell us things to make us more beautiful, sexy, successful, etc. And more often than not if we don’t measure up we end up fWell here’s a lady who has just lived her life as she pleased, and in good time, her talent ended up being recognized. But even if she had never ended up on that show, she still would have lived a happy life in her small town with her cat, drinking a pint or two in the local pub. I only wish I had that self-confidence and faith in myself to take my life as it comes and not worry too much about its outcome.From all the misfits out there: WE LOVE YOU SUSAN BOYLE!

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