Sell your music with these cool sites!

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Here is a quick overview of three sites through which you can sell your music: Blast My Music, Nimbits, and Website Music Player. They each offer a wide variety of services, products and prices.

Blast My Music

BlastMyMusic is an online service that lets you create an account on their website and sell your own music directly from your own websites.

The specs:

  • No fees. This website works on commission; it gives 65% of the sale to the band
  • You can sell singles or albums
  • You can be independent or signed
  • Their stats section shows you how your music is selling and where
  • You get paid as soon as funds are verified


Nimbit is a platform for direct-to-fan sales, marketing, distribution and artist management. Nimbit provides storefronts for you to sell with, fan and customer management tools to market with, and distribution services to deliver your products and music everywhere.

In addition to running your direct-to-fan sales, Nimbit offers distribution through the major e-tailers. All paying nimbit subscribers can choose to distribute through one, all, or any number of the retailers in our network, such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and more, for free. And for all paid Nimbit accounts, we pass 100% of the wholesale price to you – they charge no commission on your earnings.

You can start selling for free. Their basic plan starts at $9.95/month and their premium plan at $19.95/month. They also offer custom services that are available at per-project rates.

Website Music Player

Website Music Player is a system that makes it so you can easily sell your music online. You can sell from many different types of websites at once which creates multiple channels of distribution.

You get a flash MP3 player widget that loads your catalogue/playlist. Anyone with a credit card or Paypal account can buy your music right from the music player while they’re listening. The money goes straight into your Paypal account.

Getting songs into your player is very easy with no technical knowledge required. You remain in complete control and retain of all the rights associated with your music.

The built in song uploading interface allows you to add multiple songs at once by easily selecting songs on your computer. You the see the real time progress of each song being uploaded and songs are automatically added to your player’s playlist, in the order that they are upload and ready to be sold. No matter how many websites and other pages your music player appears on, they will all be instantly updated with your new songs.


Gold Membership: $16/month –  $99/year

Platinum Membership: $24.97/month – $159/year

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4 Responses to Sell your music with these cool sites!

  1. Kevin Ebaugh says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention! Your readers are welcome to email about signing up. thanks again-

    Kevin Ebaugh

  2. Lisa Mac says:

    Thx Kev, nice to meet you! I will direct anyone who wishes to Sign up to you 😀 Have a great day


  3. lee webber says:

    there is a website called they sell your music and you take all the profit. but its it £24/ year which pays for hosting fees. you get a cool profile and your music goes in the shop for digital download. check it out it works for me.

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