Sébastien Léger heats up Igloofest

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Sebastian Leger comes to Igloofest Montreal, January 21 2012No matter what the thermometer says, tonight’s Igloofest spectacular is gonna be a hot one. Fresh from his recent Mistakes Music tour, wildly prolific French producer-DJ wunderkind Sébastien Léger is bringing his vintage Rolands to the Igloofest stage, and a decade’s worth of scorching hot house beats are coming with him.

Since his emergence in the dance scene in 1999, the French-born, Amsterdam-residing Léger has been all over the map, producing dozens of EPs, a number of hit singles (including “Hit Girl” and Chris Lake collaboration “Aqualight”) and countless remixes. He’s an undisputed champ over on Beatport. You’ve probably heard his work, even if you don’t know it; Léger has added his synthy stamp to tracks as diverse as Armand Van Helden, Justin Timberlake and even Marilyn Manson.

Once a mainstay of the underground electronic scene, Léger’s prolific and consistent quality have made him a hot commodity. Léger’s style is adaptable, with elements of Detroit techno’s analogue synths and samplers (more hints of Derrick May here), sculptured into soulful, state-of-the-art house. Léger’s trademark flair and funk attest to his formal musical background. A pioneer of his own as-yet-nameless subgenre, Léger is also the mastermind behind Mistakes Music, a label whose artists all toe the borders of house, techno and soulful electro.

What can you expect tonight from Sebastian Leger at Igloofest? To suit the weather, maybe as something as chill as this:


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11 Responses to Sébastien Léger heats up Igloofest

  1. David says:

    Hot! Killer night and a sick lineup!

  2. Brenda says:

    Wild night. Sébastien Léger you rock!! <3

  3. George Schwartz says:

    Great insight Dunc! 🙂

  4. Nancy Hammond says:

    Great coverage… that track is wicked!

  5. Paul Singleton says:

    Y I agree… measuring the success of social media campaign definitely starts with a fanbase… good analysis!

  6. Barron Stein says:


  7. Donna Mccormick says:

    JB your writing skills are awesome… A+

  8. Barbara Brooks says:

    Damn wish I was drinkin’ in MTL

  9. Thomas Martinez says:


  10. Maria Coleman says:

    Igloooo to the rescue!

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