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Now let’s get something straight. I am a girl, who doesn’t own a car, (or a license for that matter) making the FB page “Car Guy Nation” the absolute wrong demographic for me – but.. I keep coming back? Why you ask, well I will tell you. It’s not the cars, and it’s not the guys -it’s the COOL. Michael Chapin who has been piloting their social media initiatives for quite some time now really knows how to provide an endless supply of really cool content that ANYONE can enjoy. One of my favorite recurring themes on this FB page is the car-culture furniture.

This week’s find was by far my favorite! A really cool furniture designer called Borris Bally whose work is as bad ass as his name. He recycles street signs into really cool chairs and tables, making the ultimate STREET furniture. One really cool and original aspect to his work are the champagne corks used right under the furniture legs as floor buffers lol, this adds a little fancy and super grunge Je-ne-sais-quoi. Eco-friendly, Humanufactured as he quotes on his website and oh so awesome- this is my favorite find on CAR GUY NATION yet! Take a visit…



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