Northern Trash

Northern Trash In a MTL Dumpster

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Montreal in many ways is the Music industry Hollywood of Canada.

Despite Toronto’s bigger economic growth and even the fact that Toronto is a more Anglophone city, it has not birthed musicians into the industry quite at the same pace as Montreal has. Besides cheap rent which is an obvious enabler for a local artist, Montreal has the kind of energy that inspires art. From the old European architecture and romantic French influence right down to the dirty broken lane ways & rusted fire escapes, Montreal has always had that dark tortured artist environment contrasted with a unique joie de vivre that has created stories and stories create lyrics…

Northern Trash

Photo by Geneviève Alary

Northern trash is a short film about one of those stories…

…that illustrate the local underground music scene, quite accurately. It is a film about Montreal garage scene underdogs LBA. Join frontman Allister Quinn and his 3 oddball band mates as they recount over a decade of debauchery in the gutter of Canada’s sleeziest city …

Allister Quinn - Banana phone

Photo by Satan is Boring

Brian Barnhart is a self-taught filmmaker from southern Manitoba.

His new film Windsor At Large: a film about Dealer, follows Montreal thrash Titans Dealer on their way to play a hometown show in the rowdy town of Windsor Ontario, after a 6 month hiatus.

Follow Allister, he will follow you back, on the street, at night, KIDDING!
Listen to their latest album here out on fish bum records produced by Daran



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2 Responses to Northern Trash In a MTL Dumpster

  1. Beatrice says:

    Heh! Love Sean’s comparison of his dirty ass phone to Allister’s entire being.

  2. Natalie says:

    Two words. Thrash. God. I love this dude…

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