My summer of David

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Where has the summer gone? It seems only a moment I was bringing out my balcony furniture and positioning myself for some prime David Usher spotting… Now it’s grey and raining, and my plants are all dead. Since I discovered my famous neighbour last year, spotting him has become a favourite pastime of friends and family who live in the hood. I will get updates from my aunt, who has spotted him at the local grocery store and has declared him to be “a very nice-looking young man”, to my Dad, who spotted him on the street based on a description I’d given, since, being quite ignorant of comtemporary music, had no idea who DU was. I’ve also had quite a few spottings this summer: on the street, at a local bar, at the grocery store, in front of my house chatting to a neighbour as I was walking out (prime viewing opportunity!).

Now that the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping, spotting DU has become a rare treat, as if he were like a Canada goose having migrated South, only to return in our regions when Spring has sprung. Life will be definitely less exciting in the neighbourhood now, like at the end of an Easter Egg hunt. In the meantime I will have to be content with listening to my old Moist CD and youtubing his videos… Sigh…


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  1. Delilah Matthews says:

    OMG you must live in Outremont where I spot him all the time. Hello he, in addition to being super hot, is also really nice I hear and super down to earth. He is launching a Social Media Marketing company, I think BandMark would be a great partner for him and you guys you should find a way to have a meeting with him!

    Heard you guys were launching BandMarkTV – that’s pretty fly too BandMark rocks!


  2. Hi all, just came here after an quick yahoo search. Nice post you have here! Keep it up!

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