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Best Kept MTL presents: Mr.Pöng | Pinging his way to the top! #MusicMondays
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Best Kept MTL presents: Mr.Pöng | Pinging his way to the top! #MusicMondays


Mr.Pong and his Steelpan! We present a unique Montreal Local artist featuring HipHop, Reggae and this EPIC POKEMON THEME COVER!

This music Monday we present Mr.Pong,  an artist that is bringing in vibes from Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Calypso, Soca, Jazz, and RnB, while using instruments from around the world such as the Steelpan to create a beautiful sound that is like something I’ve never heard before. My favourite part of artists and their art is seeing what and how they utilize to create their piece. This is something I am excited to write about because I can’t wait to see what Mr. Pong’s future has in store. He is a Steelpan artist from Montreal and we at Best Kept are happy to be featuring him on our Music Mondays!


 “I have been playing the Steelpan since the age of 9, usually with a band, but I started as a Steelpan soloist out of desperation…I decided I’d take a chance and bring my Steelpan into the metros to make some money. The reception was like nothing I could have expected and I’m so happy that I took the risk. I haven’t looked back since.” – Mr. Pöng.

the creativity and unique sounds are what Mr. Pong wants his audience to focus on. He has taken his passion and created something that is all his. You are able to see all this in his  Steelpan re-creation of Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without U”.

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“The album will be a vibrant journey into the mind of a passionate artist, with different soundscapes, rhythms, and melodies. It’s a journey through different genres, different eras, and different feelings while showcasing my skills with the instrument, and its sweet, intriguing tones.” – Mr. Pöng
His leap into the solo scene has allowed Mr. Pong to have full control of what the end product will sound like. He grasps his audience with familiar sounds to gauge how his original tracks will sound like. “I want to create opportunities for future cross-disciplinary collaborations…I want to take the opportunity to prove to listeners and supporters that the Steelpan should be recognized in the mainstream…I also want to do my part in advancing the instrument, along with Steelpan Culture, by easing the minds of anyone who feels the Steelpan is not ready for the mainstream.”

The tropical sounds of “Lost Without U” really magnifies the uplifting energy Mr. Pong exudes. His all-around positive vibes really bring you to an uplifting sun quenching feeling, which is exactly what we need for this January winter wonderland!! Mastering the Steelpan is already a unique skill and tieing together pop favourites allows Mr. Pong to reach a wide audience who will always be wanting mor

This is just the beginning if you want more information about Mr. Pong or if you want to find out more about this new artist hitting the scenes, follow him on Facebook

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