EVERYONE shares good music and this is how it happens…

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The #1 way in which the average person online discovers new music is by seeing it being shared in their social networks by a friend whose musical taste they trust.

Our pop culture site BandMark.com and our social media imprints [Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and MySpace] reach over 100,000 fans. We have social reach in Canada, the USA and English-speaking Europe, with a special focus on young adults interested in music, fashion, new media, technology and pop culture. We have a highly converting demographic because they have been with us for nearly a decade in our various music industry ventures.

We will:

1-Write you an excellent blog (SEE here for an example)

2-SHARE the blog with our Twitter of 20,000 followers for a month!

3-Give you our timeline on Facebook for the week, link it to the blog

4-Promote the status update for a week to our FB friends and their friends

5-Pin the blog image in our Pinterest

We provide our fans with a lot of other content to keep them interested but we prioritize music content and it is the philosophy behind BandMark: Affordable, effective new media solutions for musicians we love.

The $100 tax inc. fee actually covers points 1. & 4. so you are getting 2,3,5 for free. We typically throw in additional shout-outs along the way too. (Note: Our bloggers have to like your music, u know to keep things REAL 🙂 so please first email us at info@bandmark.com or Facebook us your music to see if it’s a fit)

[nicepaypallite name="Band Service" amount="100"] (As soon as you purchase, we will be in touch within 24 hours to prioritize your placement)

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8 Responses to EVERYONE shares good music and this is how it happens…

  1. Tom says:

    This is just the combination I have been looking to get to promote my band, can’t wait to start seeing the results of your work.

    • Foxylee says:

      Hi Tom, you can see the results in some of our music blogs. They typically get around 50 direct likes, dozens of Re-tweets and shares 😀

  2. Danni says:

    Who will contact me when I hit buy?

  3. Delroy says:

    I love your music blogs, u guys know your SEO too, your blogs come up really often in Google 😉

    • Foxylee says:

      Thanks, we have 3 SEO plugins to get them going a tag one keywords and each blog is a dynamic url friendly page 😀

  4. Angie says:

    Will you blog about a new music video? If so I’d like to order for June..

    • Foxylee says:

      Sure. The blog will be at least 150 words long, contain your main keywords and whatever you wish to showcase be it: music video, EP, concert, social links etc..

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