Madge & Mtl win Super Bowl halftime!

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The queen of pop was this year’s Halftime Show at the Annual SUPERBOWL and boy did she make the most her 12 minute slot! Set in a Gladiator chique high tech universe courtesy of Montreal based Moment Factory crew, she performed a nostalgic and catchy live remix style tour of some of her best hits including her latest track. Big shout out Cirque Du Soleil (also from Montreal!) for some of the key performers!  The audio menu went as follows:

“Vogue” – Aperitif!
Music” – Pre-dinner salad
“Give Me All Your Luvin” (Nicki Minaj and M.I.A) – Main course
“Like a Prayer” with Cee Lo Green – Dessert

Madonna may be golden but she is no dumb blonde. She kept the fancy footwork to a minimum in a no room for error show and was tastefully dressed for a 50 something pop star. I mean she’s still sexy so yeah she gets to show off a little leg. No one can truthfully say she doesn’t look good for her age. Even with the cosmetic work, make-up, etc – her body is still an incredibly well proportioned and coordinated machine.
Love her or hate her she climbed her way to fame faster than you can say 80’s as a singer, actress and occasionally model.  She managed her career and juggled motherhood all while never having had 1 breakdown.  Pardon the expression but that is called having your shit together. What a great performance MADONNA. You are still THE queen of pop and a seriously cool diva.

Source: www-hollywoodlife-com

LUV Madonna! (Photo Courtesy of

“I do  understand why so many  people  hate her… Frankly a woman who had her first kid with her trainer, runs her own business, is still considered a sex symbol after 50 years with bigger balls than most men- is a threat to the gender role.”
-Lisa Mac

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