Top 10 social media marketing sites for bands

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The Social Media Marketing world is a large part of the web and knowing how much time to invest on which sites can be a grueling task for musicians. Thankfully, BandMark has done the research for ya! Here are the top 10 Social Platforms to be on in 2009 for your band and how often you need to re-fresh the content for each:

  1. MySpace – Still #1 for musicians  -requires weekly bulletins and updates
  2. TWITTER -Fastest growing micro blogger -requires 5 TWEETS daily
  3. Face book -Best way to promote a local gig -requires 1 Daily update
  4. YouTube -Still the largest video share shite -Requires monthly updates
  5. LASTfm -Still the most popular  indie hangout -Requires monthly updates
  6. Flikr -Largest place to share photos -Requires monthly updates
  7. SLIDE -Largest place to share slide shows -As needed
  8. Qik -Live video streams of your event via mobile  -As needed
  9. LinkedIn – Still the best place to shmooze labels and agents -Monthly
  10. Imeem – A cross between LastFm and Ilike -Monthly


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