Kanye West you’re so grade 3 song!

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We could have made a typical angry rant about the heartless Kanye West VMA incident, the Jay Leno appearance or much of the aftermath – but we decided to express our feelings in a little song dedicated to Mr.West.

Kanye West Kanye west
you`re so grade 3
and  you know there ain`t no apology
for stealing the lime from Sweet Taylor Swift
You`re disgrace for celebrities catch my drift?

I don`t care if it was pure jea-lou-sy
or your mother f*cking ass was too sur-ly
You knew what you were doing, cause u ain`t crazy
Ask Mika Lady Gaga N-Sync and Jay-Z

Thank god your momma didn`t have to see
Obama`s jackass live on TV
No one died and left you king
to judge who can or cannot sing!

All music awards should ban you
Your label should maybe can you
Id stay home and make more hair designs
Cuz your fame and fortune gonna take a decline

I think I`ll download  Taylor`s music- yet I don`t even like country
I hope people pirate your tracks -like till the end of the century

God willing the  Internet will spread this message over land and sea:

Buy all of Taylor Swift`s music but download Kanye`s for FREE!

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2 Responses to Kanye West you’re so grade 3 song!

  1. Jason says:

    HAHA this is some funny shit! Fuck Kanye man, I will totally rip his music and never pay a cent for it again. Gonna re-post this like crazy!!!

    -Jason Greyson

  2. Kanye West says:

    Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ma Let you finish, but Beyonce has one of the best videos of all time!

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