WOW. Once in a while you get invited to try a new resto and not only do you lose track of time, you lose track of your city! The Jellyfish experience is capable of producing such a feat. In a high risk, off the beaten path corner of Old Montreal, exists a culinary vacation in your own city. If you are traveling to Montreal, even better – you shall travel more.

Never have I been accommodated with more care and class than the owners, wait staff and sommelier Simon Duval. The evening started out with a new grape discovery: Arneis, a very oceanic and high mineral content grape that grows in volcanic ashed soil in the Italian hills. Imagine smelling a pear yet tasting a gemstone. This wine was the perfect pairing for the king scallop Carpaccio with green apple, lime and jalapeño! I felt like a blade of grass growing by the seaside.

Soon came the bacon wrapped Medjool dates in tomato sauce and goat cheese. I’m not sure I need to describe the awesome war between sweet and salty or the rich sonic boom in your palette, once you swallow.

Many other wonderful wines and meats arrived at the perfect time. Frappato wine, beef tataki allowed us travels in Europe & Asia at once. An orgie level 10 battered soft shell crab in sticky bun (that looked like it was motivated enough to crawl out and attack us!) was the piece de resistance as far as main dishes go. Mathieu Masson-Bucette mayos are a long shot away from the standard hipster Sriracha mayos, they are as mysterious as the interior designer. I did not make him reveal the contents as spicy mayos are a among a chef’s best kept secrets!

Desert was decadent and possibly requires those to be in particularly good cardiac shape to endure! A sticky, salty, crumbly carbtastic pudding (or should I say pounding) chomeur with bacon, caramel and magical cinnamon crunchies.

You would think a foodie may choose the main dish as her fave. A buttery charred cod with a variety of edamame beans cooked in various ways. Or one of the scenic raw entrees. However, my absolute fave dish at Jellyfish was an heirloom carrot salad made from grilled carrots,  honey beaten ricotta and truffle oil. This is one of those circumstances where you need to try it because it’s not possible to describe the marriage of flavours here and everyone’s palette is a little bit different. If you have a lot of money, have the chef bring you many menu items and experiments. If you are on a limited budget Medjool dates and heirloom salad!

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