Is the iPhone App all that?

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Iphone Apps

Iphone Apps

So everyone and their mother wants an iphone app.  O.K not exactly, but everyone who was previously buying web-estate to increase brand awareness does.  Digital Ad brokers and companies whose clientele is synchronous with the generation i are pushing out apps just to stay on top of the game.  Often the apps are free and when asked why the company spent several grand on producing one – the reply is often: “Cause everyone has one”.  A hair and a freckle away from the TWITTER craze, what does getting on board the Apple app wagon really do for a company? Well not much really. Unless the application is extremely popular and the user has to pay to download it, the company knows very little about the clientele who has downloaded the app. You are almost better off paying a CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand- Impressions) on someone else’s popular app than releasing a lame app that no one will use.  However, if you happen to be a programmer and have a little free time, than you have nothing to lose.  Here is an honest account of one man’s IPhone app success from a semi popular app. Unless you truly have a brilliant IPhone app idea (and remember that other people you trust, should also consider it brilliant!) Its not really the way to go for mobile exposure.

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