I love balls! Easy as F* recipe

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I have been making energy balls for a little bit now and consider myself fit to instruct others in the art of simple, raw and health balls which can be used as a snack or pick me up. They are killer for a sweet craving and surprisingly filling. I use Shakeology coco protein powder and I do recommend using some sort of protein powder or they will not kick your hunger for long..


  1. 12 pitted dates (soaked in water for half n hour then strained)
  2. Protein power, shake powder or energy powder but some kind of yummy powder you’d make a sports smoothie out of!
  3. 1 cup of crushed nuts (Macadamian is my fave or pecan as they give a rich buttery flavor)
  4. Optionals (coconut flakes and flax seed powder – blended or ground up to coat them)

You take the now soft wet dates and place them in a pro mixer or a bowl and do it by hand. You add the powder and nuts and mix it all up until it becomes a play-dough like consistency. Then you make little balls with your hands which are about 1 tbsp.5 big (makes about 12) When done, roll them about in roasted coconut flakes, or dark raw cocoa powder!

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